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For many marketers and small businesses, the costs to administer a focus group can range between $4,000 to $12,000 which might be a deal-breaker when cash for your marketing budget is low. This lack of access to focus groups can be problematic for small businesses since they will miss out on info that helps them make decisions about new product launches and advertisements.

However, the good news is that you can get the same info normally obtained in focus groups from social media as long as you follow these five steps.

Step 1: Know When Your Social Media Channel Can Be Used To Collect Info

The first thing that needs to be known is…

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One of my marketing professors said the most important advice he had for us was that we should “pay close attention to angry customers who complain because they care enough about your product or service to let you know that it fails to meet their expectations.” This truth was hard for me to accept because like most former service workers I had terrible experiences feeling the blunt end of angry customers. I thought that their complaints only served the purpose to make my day more difficult. …

Instantly crowd-source more creative inspiration

Lightbulb lying in the grass.
Lightbulb lying in the grass.
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Every marketing campaign or project starts with an idea. However, many people get stuck on the idea step by not knowing how to brainstorm them—especially if they are working alone.

If this sounds like you, then good news, because you can improve your idea generation game by knowing how to use Google as a tool for brainstorming.

1. Identify Useful Keywords for Google

Google is so ubiquitous now that people don’t pay a second thought about how it works and why Google gives such great search results—which is a shame, because knowing how Google works can help you understand why it can be a good tool…


Thank you for sharing this article! I had no idea about all of OneNote's great functionalities and so I might make the switch to it from my other note taking app.


I know that some people think that Bing is only good for is bringing up Google. However, there’s a reason why Microsoft continues to support Bing and that is because Bing is secretly a success. Bing controls roughly 36% of the U.S. desktop search market and that far reach can be put to good use by a savvy marketer. In fact, for certain segments, Bing is even better than Google for advertisements. So, let me show you what Bing has to offer for marketers and why you should consider using it for advertisements.

You might not know it yet but you probably are already using Bing

A common misconception people have about search…

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